BeeGuard® is a tracker ... but... , stemming from 2 years of research and development, it is :

  • Optimized to work in a environment (the hive) very disturbing for the communicating objects because there is a roof in sheet steel, of thee brood, the bees, honey, water... BeeGuard is studied to work in these very difficult conditions!
  • Optimized for the ultra low consumption, it has a strong life expecting! It is fundamental for your businessImagine to come every 15 days or every month, to recharge the batteries?
  • Optimized to be integrated easily and discreetly into the hive by its minimalist dimensions.
  • Optimized to respect the inside of the hive: by using a food safe plastic, by not emitting electromagnetic waves continuously, by not emitting light and sound.
  • Optimized to resist the apiarian environment: the device is resistant to products anti Varroa, the propolis or the wax do not alter its functioning.
  • Evolutionary by adding the option of measurement bars, you transform the system into a balance which communicate about the hive.
  • A product conceived and made in France bySiConsult:innovative company specialized in the conception of communicating objects.

Yes, BeeGuard® uses the network of phones operators and our department of data processing.
We managed to compress the set at the most to offer a fixed price list whatever are the communication and wherever in Europe. The global cost of the service is of 3€ a month and by BeeGuard® .

A subscription for each communicating device GPS is necessarily needed so that they can pass on the alerts and the data in a autonomous way. The cost of 3€ a month covers not only the part of telecom but also the part of the Internet, which allows to have the history, the mapping of the routes, the sending of SMS.

You can equip with bars several hives of the same apiary without subscribing to an additional subscription. A single subscription by communicating device GPS will be charged to you.

This offer presents the advantage to use a virtual operator who allows to communicate with any 3 french incumbent operators. The offer works in all Europe, what avoids additional costs in particular for the inhabitants of the border zone.

BeeGuard® needs to reach the network GSM to pass on to you the information, outside, you will not receive messages. It is not recommended to use BeeGuard in these zones. We can consider, than even if the thief moves beyond the zone of origin, has chances which he allows BeeGuard® to connect by going to a coverage area. For the une as center of measurement, it is absolutely necessary the presence of a network on the site. If you have a doubt we can study the areas of cover for you.

No, there is no physical intervention to be made. Deactivate in advance by the website or send a SMS of stop of messages at the time of the alert.

It is not useful any more for the new BeeGuard® but it is necessary to keep it and to continue to use it for beacon first generation (from 2011 till January 2014).

No, as for all the digital services, you have to pay a particular attention on your passwords, not give them to third parties. If however, you were victim of fraudulent use of your accounts the new method of deactivation is not completely silent: The information of movement and stop are always sent. You will thus have the information from where is positioned you hive.

Yes the system going to start andno it is not going to empty piles because BeeGuard® it put itself automatically in mode of energy-saving surveillance after a while in a motionless state.

BeeGuard® in function measurement of performances have 1 year of autonomy, in GPS function, the autonomy is of 2 years.

No, most of our customers settle 1 to 5 BeeGuard sensibly placed by apiary.
As we try to protect you against the theft of mass, a deployment by sampling works well.

We worked on an alternative way to locate your hives, in case of absences of GPS, we get back approximative based on antennas relay GSM.
It's much less precise but that can allow to tighten the researches.

No, definitely not! The less the thieves have information, the lessthey will try to neutralise the system of surveillance.

Yes, and then? If they want to verify the contents of every hive before stealing it, that's going to slow down them and remind you : As soon as the system moves you are warned. The simple fact of raising the frame activates the system.

Of course not, contrary to the systems of tracker cheap, BeeGuard is not permanently connected to the network. It is thus possible to detect remotely the location. And moreover, its avoids emitting continuously, up to 2 watts inside the hive and thus near the brood.

Yes, well on, except the promotions, the volume is the only lever to reduce the purchasing cost.
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BeeGuard® and the bars are not generally placed on the same hive. The recommended distance is 20 meters maximum but it is advisable to verify always the smooth running for of loger distances.

BeeGuard ® can check several hives in weighing without additional subscription, It is enough to add independent bars under hives. It is more effective to weigh one pallets of 4 hives for example, yes to weigh 4 hives at the same time generate a measure of average, however what is interesting for the detection of honeyed it is the difference. By weighing hives independently, You will see if one of them on or under performs.

You can equip your apiaries of BeeGuard ® and pass on the bars from an apiary to an other one without any difficulty, it will be simply to change the configuration on the web site..

No, the magnetization has no incidence on the system.

When we use a single bar we speak no more precision, indeed, the center of gravity of the hive not being in the center, the measure of the weight on one of the sides, does not allow to obtain the precise weight of the hive by multiplying by two. We obtain a rough value but the weight difference allows as well to detect the honeyed (at the beginning / the end), the poisoning, the need for nourishment or the disease. The meteorological measures are the same that for the configuration with two bars. On the other hand, if you look for the precision in term of absolute weight, it will be necessary to install two bars under the hive to watch, the solution bringing a resolution of 50g and without having to put the level hive.

No, they are not refillable to be able to hold on one year. Rechargeable batteries would require several refills or the use of a solar panel. These batteries are custom-made packs which we have in stock in the price list of 8€ by pack (1 for BeeGuard and 1 by bar)

Yes, you can export an Excel file to handle the raw data of all the sensors on a range of date. Otherwise, you can generate graphs directly on the web site. Finally, for a daily use every installation has a summary table.

We realize promotions during important events: some apiarian meetings where we expose for example or the launch of a new product or service. If you are not in a hurry to buy you can contact us and to ask to register you on a list of person ready to buy during a next promotion and we shall inform you for a next promotion..

We study at present this type of formula who offers the advantage to include the financing of the operation, the spreading of the load over 36 months for example and the maintenance and the extension of guarantee for this period. If you are interested in the formula rent, contact us, if actually you are many to wait for this type of offer, we shall propose it.